Korzo Národní 2019

Korzo Národní is the biggest and longest continually organized celebration of Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day in Prague. Since 2014 it take place on Národní street, where massive student demonstration on the 17th of November 1989 started the Velvet Revolution which led to the fall of the communist regime. All this celebration is organize by student civic organization Díky, že můžem, which means „Thanks we can“.
“Thanks, that we can!“ This is the message we want to spread on the 17th of November on Národní street, where things started to move thirty years ago. Thanks to the Velvet Revolution started in 17th November 1989 we live in a free democratic society. With dignity but playfully also, it’s time to pay tribute to the actors of the revolution and celebrate achieved goals and the opportunities given us by that. We want to actively show and demonstrate how we really benefit from the gained freedom – in arts, civic life, public space. Come to celebrate and enjoy this day with us.

Programme 2018

Festival program consists of diverse art performances various artistic performances on the street like and stages: concerts, theather performances for children and adults, photography exhibitions, educational events, autors‘ readings, presentation of NGOs and much more. All event runs from 10AM to 10PM and it is followed by the afterparty in music club Rock Café.


Díky, že můžem, z. s.

We are a civic organization of about twenty young people that decided five years ago to take part in the commemoration of 17th November and provide a sensible even for our peers and the public.


Festival Svobody

Festival Svobody is a platform that involves events organized by six civic iniciatives to commemorate the 17th November. The aim of this platform is to create a comprehensive and interesting program for visitors and coordination and support among the organizators. Last but not least, it’s the effort to promote the values associated with the 17th November, which makes these iniciatives cooperate.

More info: www.festivalsvobody.cz